[sisela] Saving boot options

Christopher T. Mooney chris.mooney at kelleylog.com
Mon May 15 13:49:52 BST 2006


	I am just getting started with Sisela, and am a mite confused about
how to save commands to be run on system startup.  Sisela tells me that if I
save a file in the /floppy directory called boot.<something> (I can't
remember quite what the filename is, and I don't have the machine I am
testing out Sisela on here at work), then Sisela will run those commands
upon startup.  I tried doing this, but after re-boot, the file was gone!  Of
course this seemed obvious to me when I remembered that the root filesystem
is a bz2 image, I just thought that perhaps sisela would save the boot
command file back to the compressed image file on shutdown.  Is there a way
to force sisela to do this?  Or do I need to build sisela from the sources
or just create my own filesystem image to load on the boot floppy?  Any help
I can get here would be most appreciated.  I think Sisela is ultimately cool
and am really looking forward to using it!



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