[sisela] Bridge (what i like about sisela)

lars mai sisela@earth.li
Mon, 21 Jun 2004 17:13:31 +0200

> What do people like so much about Sisela?

Well, a number of things actually... :)
here's my personal list:

+ it fits one disk, which makes it a good solution for low-cost 
wireless-nodes built from recycled hardware
+ lots of useful features (dhcpd, sshd, ...), most of which i haven't 
had the time yet to check out
+ its (afaik) completely free software
+ its very configurable
+ its very stable, which unfortunately can`t be said about floppy drives 
and disks. we had one node running it for over 6 months, until we had to 
reboot for configuration changes - only to discover that the disk had 
not survived the time...

we are using sisela quite extensively here in weimar, germany, for 
building a community-owned wireless network 
(http://subsignal.org/wireless), and have so far had good experiences 
with it. using old 486 & pentium-I machines, 802.11b pcmcia cards and a 
floppy we can cut the costs for a node as low as approx. 50 euros 
(excluding antennas). which is about 40 euros less than the "high-end" 
solution, the linksys wrt54g's for the not-so-shell-addicted people.

all in all, great stuff. we appreciate your work. :)

that said.... a few, uhm, questions?

- do you see a chance of including ndiswrapper into the next release? 
we've had some issues with recent pci-wireless cards not being supported 
by the prism54 drivers, such as the SMC2802W v2.

- the Makefile... hm.. maybe there is a possibility to mirror the 
necessary files for sisela in one location, so the wget doesn`t break?

best regards, (from another busy student;) ),