[OSS RATS] OSS Swim the Thames 2012 - Dates for your Diaries

Jeremy Wellingham jeremy at wellingham.com
Tue Feb 21 22:17:13 GMT 2012

OSS Swim the Thames 2012 - Dates for your Diaries

At the risk of reducing the spontaneity and the rather happy go lucky
approach to our swimming we have set dates for the 2012 season of the
OSS Swim the Thames. Don't know exactly where we will be swimming on
these dates yet but these are the dates we will be swimming on.  Full
details will be sent in the normal way, a couple of weeks prior to each
swim, via Facebook events, OSSOxon / OSSRATS mail list and the OSS
website.  Gives us flexibility to vary our pace to suit the conditions
and how we feel on the day.

Monday 2nd January                      End of year party

Sunday 15th January     

Sunday 19th February   

Sunday 25th March        

Monday 9th April                             Easter Monday

Sunday 22nd April                            Anniversary of Swim the Thames

Saturday 5th May                            Camp

Sunday 6th May                               Bank Holiday weekend

Saturday 19th May                          Late Afternoon swim

Monday 4th June                             Camp

Tuesday 5th June                             Jubilee Bank Holiday

Saturday 16th June                         Late Afternoon swim

Saturday 30th June                         Dorset Camp

Sunday 1st July                                 Dorset Camp

Sunday 15th July                              Early Afternoon

Saturday 28th July                           Late Afternoon

Sunday 12th August

Saturday 25th August                     Camp

Sunday 26th August                        Bank Holiday weekend

Saturday 8th September                  Camp

Sunday 9th September

Sunday 30th September

Sunday 14th October

Sunday 28th October

Sunday 18th November

Sunday 9th December


We've attached a calendar and list of dates that you can print and stick
to the fridge with the dates on.

We have earmarked 5 weekends for camps so we can have two days swimming
and a night time dip.  How this works will depend on where we are on
that dates and if there is a suitable site so we will play this by ear
and if we don't manage all days at least hope to get three camps this year.

For the mid summer swims we're trying the idea of a late afternoon /
early evening swims followed by a pub dinner as an alternative to
morning swims. We can always change to the day time again if we decide
that we don't like the idea after all.

Pencil these dates in your diaries and look out for the individual
announcements with full details nearer the time.

/Sef & Jeremy and the folk from the River Bank

e-mail: / /oxford at outdoorswimmingsociety.com
<mailto:oxford at outdoorswimmingsociety.com> / /

OSS swim responsibility statement:
By attending you confirm that you are a member of the OSS and have read
and accepted the OSS swim responsibility statement:
All swimmers swim at their own risk./

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