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Yup - the cold and algae has finally taken its toll on our erstwhile leader, she has gone completely bonkers!!! Good job we love her anyway :o) Enjoy your swim everyone - might go for a dip in the Atlantic myself in sympathy with you all - which I hasten to add is apparently at 12 degrees already (didn't feel like that earlier this week!!).
Miss you all xxxxx


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Allo allo ice men and ice maidens of the Isis (for we still have not reverted fully to the Thames according to the 1st edition OS, and snow is forecast),

This Easter Monday finds us afloat from Sandford Lock to Radley boat house, downriver a distance of 2.65km (thanks Neil). On our left, Nuneham Courteney, erstwhile home of the Earls Harcourt, the first of whom moved the village out of the way in order to better landscape the estate. Now occupied by the Global Retreat Centre, what oneness we shall feel with the world when we slip out of the water at the boathouses opposite. This little stretch was a favourite of Charles Dodson (Lewis Carroll), and he got wet here regularly with the young prototype Alice. The boathouses themselves belong to the boys of Radley College. Alumni of that fine establishment include the great historian Christopher Hibbert, the indefatiguable campaigning lawyer, Clive Stafford-Smith, England's test cricket captain, Andrew Strauss, and who could forget Richard Gibson, best known for his exceptional performance in the complex role of Herr Flick in TV's 'Allo 'Allo.

So, wet bobs (Radley slang doncha know), get ye to Radley Station carpark at 11.00am on Easter Monday 9th April. 


There will be a bit of shallying I am afraid due to access issues so pay attention (I shall say zis only once): the boathouse is about 1km from the station - we will walk there and get changed into rubbers and pack all dry gear into a couple of cars (there isn't room for more). We will then walk up to Sandford Lock - 2.5km - and swim down. On getting out, change into dry gear at the boathouse and walk back to Radley for a resurrecting lunch at the Bowyer Arms. 

Toodle pip until then, 

Jeremimi & Seffyvette and the Fanny La Fins of the Isis

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