[OSS RATS] Sonning to Shiplake

Helen Roche helen at theskyisblue.net
Mon Sep 13 02:01:13 BST 2010

Hullo all,
yep, I'm up for Wednesday, deffo with wetsuit - it's getting a tad  
chillier! I think the whole swim to St Patrick's stream would be  
pushing it, as it would be dark by the time we got there. Better idea  
to do the half swim that I did with Lindsay and Chris a week or two  
ago. I posted links to photos of the route - can repost if you don't  
have them. (Am not at my own computer at the mo, which makes it harder  
to find stuff, but can repost tomorrow.)

I also suggest that we don't faff about with cars at both ends, and  
walk back along the Thames Path from the exit point. (Shoes, wetsuit  
socks, or tough feet therefore required.) Victoria, what are your  
parking restrictions? Where are you coming from - could I give you a  
lift from or en-route from the Oxford Road area of Reading?

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