[OSS RATS] Pangbourne West Berks Swim Sun14Nov10 at 10:00am

Jeremy Wellingham jeremy at wellingham.com
Sat Oct 2 20:47:21 BST 2010

Posted on behalf on Chris Watkins for those who aren't on Facebook.  For
those that are:


A repeat of the swim we did at the start of the year in Pangbourne West
Berks, but this time it will be longer, more like a mile.
It will be in the morning of Sunday the 14th of November.
We will finish near to a pub with log fires, hot chocolate and lots of
hot food for those who want to hang around for a short while after.
I will send out a map of the route, timings etc in about a week or so.
But lets go for a 10.00am start at the Train Station car park.

There are lots of exit points on the swim for those who want to jump out
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