[OSS Oxon] OXFORD BIG JUMP - Danger Bridge, Port Meadow, Sunday 13th July at 1:15pm

Jeremy Wellingham jeremy at wellingham.com
Mon Jul 7 21:12:42 BST 2014

Calling the Leaping Lords and Ladies of Oxford,

Join us for the Oxford 2014 European Big Jump day at Port Meadow this 
Sunday, 13th July  at 1:15pm, Danger Bridge, Fiddler's Island ready to 
immerse ourselves in the Isis from whatever height you feel comfortable 
with at 2pm

http://goo.gl/maps/NFQ37  Red bubble thing marks the spot!

Every year, all across Europe, we re-afirm our connexion with our rivers 
and explore our aquatic origins by  leaping, plunging, slipping or 
tip-toeing into our local rivers at the same instant in time.


In a nutshell, BIG JUMP is a European river swimming day, where people 
reclaim their environment and demonstrate their wish to have clean and 
living rivers again.

Park at Walton Well car park (Pay and Display - £1.10 for 3 hours or 
£2.20 for 5 hours.)


Alternatively, there is a free car park at the top end of Port Meadow at 
Godstow Road but that's a bit of a hike away:


Bring food and drink for yourselves and/or to share for a picnic 
afterwards. We will have a barbecue for anyone who wants to have 
something warm and charred. And for those wanting more of a swim, this 
is the perfect stretch - trot upriver your required distance and swim 
back down. There will be plenty of companions and hopefully a nice sunny 

See you there,

Jeremy, Chris and Sharon and the flying salmon of the Isis.

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