[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames #47 SUNDAY 2nd June 1.30PM Boveney Lock - Romney Lock

Sefryn Penrose sefryn at gmail.com
Mon May 27 21:45:14 BST 2013

What ho chaps,

Top hole old swim-swam to be had this weekend. Can't be doing with the
hoi-polloi though - the rest of the Human
race begins in our patch at 8am) who insist on swimming in MY
river - so meet a little later than planned at *1.30pm* so the little
blighters can be fished out and sent packing. Jeeves says a tip-top tiffin
of fois gras, quails eggs and truffles before a swim is just the thing so
fill up fellows.

*1.30pm* at the car park at *Boveney Lock *(same as last time - hopefully
there'll be enough space for all the Rollers)
(Green arrow marks the spot).

Toddle over to the lock and plop in, swim down past school (jolly boating
weather), watch out for the old boys' bathing place - Athens we called it
doncha know - ladies, eyes right:


Stop for a sing song <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtXYB5cN-1k>. Carry on
down to Romney Lock and don't forget to tip yer hat to the old girl if the
flag's up. At Romney Lock - we'll scramble out and toddle back to the start
(I know! In public - in those garments! Just like the Bullingdon Club all
over again). The walk's about 3.5km, so make sure you've got suitable
footwear or you'll be hopping about like a loon. Dash it all, parking in
Windsor's a royal pain.

Sefryn's not coming- squeamish I suppose; and Jeremy's gone Greek, so we're
on our own chaps. Warm-down drinks at the Pineapple for afters. Try not to
wreck the place.


Tuppy Trunk-Wetblubber (of the Berkshire Trunk-Wetblubbers) and the seriphus
politus of the Windsor Thames


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