[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames #44 SUNDAY 14th APRIL 10.30am Cookham Lock - Cliveden - Boulter's Lock

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Mon Apr 15 13:48:06 BST 2013

For those who are interested, I've now posted a write-up of this swim
on the Swim the Thames blog.



On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 3:10 PM, Sefryn Penrose <sefryn at gmail.com> wrote:

> Now come a little closer darlink, milaya moya, yes yes rest your head on
> my pillow, we have little talk, yes? Little pillow talk - you, me, Mandy
> and Christine too?
> You come to Thames swim party *#44 on SUNDAY 14th APRIL at 10.30am.*
> You meet me in car park near Boulter's lock (only £1 for the day) at
> 10.30am:
>     http://goo.gl/maps/Z9BLi
> Maybe we take our clothes off yes? Maybe put on some rubber? My friend
> osteopath take care of you.
> Maybe we get in friend's car - he big man in mac - work for Government -
> shuttle up to Cookham unisex outdoor changing rooms here (easy drive
> straight up Lower Cookham Road / Sutton Road (A4094):
>     http://goo.gl/maps/8Pxjf
> We have brisk walk to Cookham lock across Odney Common. We maybe have a
> little fun with birch twig.
> We enter water here at Cookham lock:
>     http://goo.gl/maps/FmqV6
> Lord Astor have swimming pool but much nicer in river no? Maybe we have
> little splash-splash past Lord Astor's house, Cliveden, maybe look at who
> else is in the pool but saying nothing shhh. We want to have good long
> swim, no? so you can tell me everything that man in mac said about British
> naval movements down CLIVEDEN DEEP (very deep).
> You think this too cold for swim party? Back home in Soviet Union, me and
> other naval attaches, we have swim parties in freezing Baltic. My babicka,
> she have swim party for hours in -20 degrees.
> Maybe we swim for 3.3km. If precious darling get cold, we get out early,
> or get in a little later - plenty places for bit of nooky on bank. My friend
> osteopath sort you out. He bring hot flask and biscuit. Naughty friend.
> Hywel Rice-Davies, he already been to swim party here, he say you stay
> close to me to RIGHT as we get to lock as current very strong, and I very
> strong too, and then we swim very hard up final stretch up lock cut. He say
> Thames path is on right and we can get out early if have to. He also say
> can do extreme wading.
> Then, we get out here at Boulter's lock:
>     http://goo.gl/maps/EHVVe
> If you good girl, we take off rubber and I take you for lunch. At lock is
> Boulter Restaurant with Terrace Bar. We get binoculars out and see what
> other naval attaches are doing. Maybe you go tell British Government man
> what Soviet ships are doing in Cliveden Deep.
>     http://www.boultersrestaurant.co.uk/boulters-terrace-bar/menus/
> You sit on chair anyway you like. You want keep clothes off? Is fine. My
> friend, osteopath he give you massage. Afterwards, we run you back pick up
> car from Cookham.
> Very hush hush secret swim party. You tell everyone yes? Bring friends?
> Yours,
> Scandalous Naval Attache and the profumo di mare of the Cliveden Deep
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