[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames #44 SUNDAY 14th APRIL 10.30am Cookham Lock - Cliveden - Boulter's Lock

Sefryn Penrose sefryn at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 15:10:41 BST 2013

Now come a little closer darlink, milaya moya, yes yes rest your head on my
pillow, we have little talk, yes? Little pillow talk - you, me, Mandy and
Christine too?

You come to Thames swim party *#44 on SUNDAY 14th APRIL at 10.30am.*

You meet me in car park near Boulter's lock (only £1 for the day) at

Maybe we take our clothes off yes? Maybe put on some rubber? My friend
osteopath take care of you.

Maybe we get in friend's car - he big man in mac - work for Government -
shuttle up to Cookham unisex outdoor changing rooms here (easy drive
straight up Lower Cookham Road / Sutton Road (A4094):

We have brisk walk to Cookham lock across Odney Common. We maybe have a
little fun with birch twig.

We enter water here at Cookham lock:

Lord Astor have swimming pool but much nicer in river no? Maybe we have
little splash-splash past Lord Astor's house, Cliveden, maybe look at who
else is in the pool but saying nothing shhh. We want to have good long
swim, no? so you can tell me everything that man in mac said about British
naval movements down CLIVEDEN DEEP (very deep).

You think this too cold for swim party? Back home in Soviet Union, me and
other naval attaches, we have swim parties in freezing Baltic. My babicka,
she have swim party for hours in -20 degrees.

Maybe we swim for 3.3km. If precious darling get cold, we get out early, or
get in a little later - plenty places for bit of nooky on bank. My friend
osteopath sort you out. He bring hot flask and biscuit. Naughty friend.

Hywel Rice-Davies, he already been to swim party here, he say you stay
close to me to RIGHT as we get to lock as current very strong, and I very
strong too, and then we swim very hard up final stretch up lock cut. He say
Thames path is on right and we can get out early if have to. He also say
can do extreme wading.

Then, we get out here at Boulter's lock:

If you good girl, we take off rubber and I take you for lunch. At lock is
Boulter Restaurant with Terrace Bar. We get binoculars out and see what
other naval attaches are doing. Maybe you go tell British Government man
what Soviet ships are doing in Cliveden Deep.


You sit on chair anyway you like. You want keep clothes off? Is fine. My
friend, osteopath he give you massage. Afterwards, we run you back pick up
car from Cookham.

Very hush hush secret swim party. You tell everyone yes? Bring friends?


Scandalous Naval Attache and the profumo di mare of the Cliveden Deep

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