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Sun Jun 24 23:25:07 BST 2012

It's that time of year again. The time when we think about our rivers, how
they feed us and water us, give us buckets of pleasure and clean up our
mess. The time of year when we celebrate the wonder of them by JUMPING IN!

The Big Jump aims to reconcile people with their rivers. People across
Europe, nay, the world, will be jumping in at the same time, 2pm, on
Sunday, July 8th to show that rivers are for life, not just for effluent
discharge and casual boating. There will be OSS Big Jumps across Britain.


OSS Oxford have *possibly the best river in the world* and therefore we
return to Port Meadow for the third year in a row to jump, slide, flop,
dive, walk into the Thames (known as Isis) in good company. If you are used
to leaving your partner/family at home when you head off to the
lake/river/pool, then this is the perfect time to introduce them to the
wonderful world of water by bringing them along to watch or take part,
gorge on barbecue, or just make their mind up depending on the weather. We
will be jumping into an area of water that is not part of the main stream
so has no strong flow and a beach for access, or a bridge for the brave.
There will be a countdown and we will gather friends, relations, strangers,
random passer-bys, cupcakes, sausages; and at 2pm, jump in. For those that
fancy it, the Port Meadow stretch of river is perfect for any length of
swim if you want a proper stretch after the jump. You will be in good
company. In the event of bad weather, after swim munching may transfer to
the pub, the Victoria Arms.

So bring yourselves, your friends, food and drink for yourself or to share,
and meet at the *Walton Well Road carpark* (see green arrow in link) on *Sunday
July 8th, at 1.15 for a 2pm jump* at the bridge to Fiddler's Island (centre
of map in link). All are welcome.


The carpark is no longer free. If you want a free carpark, at the other end
of Port Meadow, off Godstow Road in Wolvercote I believe the carpark is
free - a fair in both senses walk.

Have a look at some of the lovely photos and films taken last year here:


Let me know if you have any questions,


Sef, Jeremy, Chris and all the big and little fish of OSS Oxon

Please note that OSS Oxon exists to put swimmers in touch with other
swimmers, not to organise swim events or in any way suggest that outdoor
swimming is a safe activity or that you should go swimming. If you choose
to swim you do so entirely at your own risk and on your own initiative, and
any plans you make are your own responsibility.
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