[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames #24 - Abingdon Lock to Culham Lock - 10:30am Monday 7th May 2012 - subject to confirmation

Tracy Knowles tracyjknowles at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 11:16:19 BST 2012

Hello one and all
I am looking for an old wetsuit that I can cut up(don't ask!!)
If anyone has one that they are about to discard, please don't, I can put
it to good use.
Many thanks

On 2 May 2012 21:55, Jeremy Wellingham <jeremy at wellingham.com> wrote:

>  *Darling Buds of May,
>                                     Spring is here, the Thames has risen
> and is in full spate, making this a speedy swim - hopefully not too
> speedy.  According to the flow meter at Maidenhead rowing club the Thames
> is running at 164 m3 / sec today (Tuesday) .  (In comparison, on our last
> swim it was a mere 11.7 **m3 / sec.)  **We'll need to do a risk
> assessment at the time - probably throw in a stick :-)  Fortunately the
> exit and lock is at the end of a long cut where the flow should be minimal.
> *
> *
> First the bad news; we won't be able to camp this weekend - the local
> campsites won't entertain a single night's camping over a bank holiday
> weekend. Given the weather this might not be such a bad thing after all.
> Also, following a lot of deliberation, I've reluctantly rescheduled the
> date to Monday as the rain has turned the Thames in to a bit of a monster.
> Inspections locally from both Neil's colleague and mine reveal that the tow
> path is awash at Abingdon and Culham. The hope is that by postponing the
> swim to the end of the weekend the river will have calmed down. Apologies
> for deviating from the planned diary dates but the other option was a
> cancellation, which didn't seem a good option either.
> So, we will do a single day's swimming on Monday 7th May from Abingdon
> Lock to Culham Lock.  This will be an approximately 4.15km swim - #34 in
> Michael Worthington's  **I* ♥* the Thames*
> *We will don our Health and Safety hats (hard, of course), goggles and
> protective gloves and assess the risk on Saturday and send out an update to
> confirm if we are still going ahead - this will depend on the flow
> subsiding, considerably, which in turn will be dependent on no more
> significant rain. Look out for the confirmation e-mail on Sunday.
> We'll meet here in the free car park at Culham at 10:30am on Monday 7th
> May 2012:
> http://g.co/maps/ynxdp
> Get changed, and shuttle up to the car park at Abingdon Bridge, where we
> met for the last swim: (Will need money for parking in this one - £1.20 for
> 3 hours)
> http://g.co/maps/rzf3d
> From here it is a relatively short walk (0.75km) to Abingdon Lock across
> the fields, where we'll start our swim from:
> http://g.co/maps/x77ep
> We can have a breather around half way, just past the Marina entrance on
> the opposite bank, where there appears to be a beach of sorts:
> http://g.co/maps/v5rh6
> ending up at Culham lock next to the car park.  From there we'll repair to
> the *George & Dragon* for a spot of lunch - table is booked for 2:00pm: (*
> Tel:  **01235 848142** ‎ )
> *Can you confirm by e-mail if you will be staying for lunch?*
> *
> **http://g.co/maps/an9n4
> *
> Sef & Jeremy and the Barbus barbus of the Isis isis.
> OSS swim responsibility statement:
> By attending you confirm that you are a member of the OSS and have read
> and accepted the OSS swim responsibility statement:
> http://www.outdoorswimmingsociety.com/index.php?p=swimming_tips&s=responsibility
> All swimmers swim at their own risk.
> ****
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