[OSS Oxon] Catch up, throw down or redo anyone.

Tracy Knowles tracyjknowles at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 08:23:14 BST 2012

Hello one and all fellow Thames swimmers.

I have a brief window of opportunity this week to catch up with some swims but I would prefer some company if any of you are free..

I need to catch up:
21 Kennington to Sandford; 
22 Sandford to Radley; 
23 Radley to Abingdon.

Certainly doing a couple of those together in this lovely(!) weather with the fast flowing river

Then, the longer ones from the camping weekend just gone

and , if all else fails, a throw down from Gatehampton to wherever as I shall be away when that occurs.

Now, the logistics.

Tues afternoon
Weds from 4pm

are good or most early evenings bearing in mind it will take over an hour to drive to the latter ones but around 45 to Oxford which one should take into consideration with faffing.

All help gratefully received.


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