[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames #32 and #33

Sefryn Penrose sefryn at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 13:27:21 BST 2012

Dear Olympians,

Herewith the details for this weekend's marathon efforts with apologies for
the delay:

*Saturday* *11th
*Meet *10.00am* at River View, Purley,


We will then leave as few cars as possible at River View - which is the end
of the swim - with all dry gear and shuttle up to the beginning of the swim
at Pangbourne River Meadow Carpark, as per swim 31.


If you are not intending to stay for lunch afterwards, then you may want to
make sure you leave your motor at River View.

>From Pangbourne we'll swim down to Mapledurham for a munch stop, and then
on down to River View. We'll get changed and shuttle back up to Pangbourne
for lunch.

This swim  is 6.5km.

*For those who are camping, I've booked us into the Mapledurham Estate. We
need to arrive between 2 and 5 so we'll go there after lunch. Camping is a
bit complicated as if we take vehicles into the estate we will not be able
to drive out on Sunday except between 2 and 5. I will take Bertie in, Chris
will take his car in. It would be good if one or two peeps could leave
their cars outside - I think we can park near the church - so that we
campers can be shuttled to the Sunday swim. We'll then return Sunday
afternoon for the rest of the cars.

*Sunday 12th
*Meet *10.00am *at this carpark at Thames Valley Park, Reading.


We will leave as many cars as possible here at the end spot and shuttle up
to the start at River View in as few cars - leaving dry gear at TVP. We'll
then swim down from River View and stop for a break at Caversham Lock.

This swim is 6km.

Both swims are long but will take us through Reading nicely to avoid the
Reading Festival for our next swim. If the swim distances seem challenging,
it is our intention that we take it easy and break as often as needed,
access permitting.

See you then,

Yours, Sef, Jeremy and the Pangbourne Perch of the River Thames

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