[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames swims 32 and 33

Sefryn Penrose sefryn at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 11:21:40 BST 2012

Dear water babies,

This is a save the date message for the forthcoming swims this weekend, the
finer details of which I have yet to fully iron out.

There will be two swims, one on *Saturday 11th* from the exit point at
Pangbourne to River View at Purley-on-Thames, via a stop at Mapledurham,
and on *Sunday 12th* from Purley to Thames Valley Park. Both these swims
are long - 6.5km on Saturday, 6km on Sunday. We intend to provide for
generous stops however, and getting in/out points for those who'd rather do
a shorter swim. Neil and Pam have done a 'throw-down' of the first and
report a good, doable swim, which was easier going in the latter half.

*Please let me know if you wish to camp. *

This changes the schedule somewhat as we were on course to collide with
Reading Festival for our next weekend swim and swimming in the river may
not have been possible during that time.

This weekend will set us up to be just beyond the festival area for the
next weekend swim which is scheduled for the Bank Holiday Saturday and
Sunday, and which we still intend to proceed with at this stage. (Thanks to
Chris for the heads-up and suggestions & Neil and Pam for the report.)

I will send meeting details, exit points, and camping plans later in the

Sef & Jeremy
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