[OSS Oxon] Oxford swim September 16 and 18

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Hi all

I am going to try to emulate Mr Walliams tomorrow, well do swims 11 and 12
on the same day, which if not Walliams-esque I feel is still pretty
impressive.  I am hoping to do swim 11 with Chloe, obviously before swim 12
where I hope to meet up with the rest of the group for the 4.30 start.

Can anyone help with the logistics, we will have one car, so I need to know
where to park, and what are best arrangements for leaving clothes etc. and
getting back to car at the end.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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P.S. Sef and I have just this evening had a little Cherwell dip...
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In theory, I would love to join one or both of these swims. However, having
just received details of my other commitments that weekend (conferences
etc.), the timings are a little tricky. It is probably best for you and
others to make plans that suit you and then, if i can escape early / nip out
and join you, I will!

- On Friday: I will probably not be free until 8 / 8:30pm.
- On Sunday: I am free between Noon and 3:30pm (so a quick dip may work -
and you'll have to have a drink at the Vicky Arms on my behalf).

See those of you swimming on Sunday,
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Dear All

I still plan to swim on Friday 16th September in the evening in the Thames
at Port Meadow and on Sunday 18th September in the afternoon in the Cherwell
from the Victoria Arms at Marston Ferry Road down to Parsons Pleasure.

>From the map, it seems that the latter swim is 2.5 to 3 kilometres but I am
awaiting an answer about that.

Friday  At the moment, my plan is to meet at the car park near Port Meadow
at   about 6:30pm (negotiable), walk across to the river and swim upstream
until we get bored.   Possibility of visit to pub with pies afterwards.


Sunday  I am supposed to be having lunch in College but could be persuaded
out of that.   However, I am tied up until at least 12:30pm and then i have
to fetch my car from park and ride.  I then plan to leave my car near
Linacre College and cycle up to the Vicky Arms.   My car can be used to
ferry us back to the pub after the swim so long as there are no more than
five of us.

Start point

End point

Perhaps we could have a cup of tea or something stronger at the Vicky Arms
at the end.


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