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Hi Bryn,

I haven't had a swim for a long time as I had twwin boys in July but I live
ten mins walk away from the Hotel and would love to accompany you for a dip.
As James said, there are rowers on that stretch and it may be quite busy on
a saturday, especially as the weather is improving and there are regattas
starting but we could swim a bit further yet towards Port meadow, I've been
there several times, last when I was pregnant in the summer. Let me know as
it depends on how much time you have, the walk would take about half an hour
but it's a lovely walk!
All the best,

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> Bryn,
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> >Hi, anyone likely to be in the Thames in Oxford this Saurday morning?  I
> >have the  pleasure of an overnight at the Four Pillars Hote,l off
> >Abingdon Road  (opposite the Hinkey Pool) Friday and wondered if I could
> >gate crash a cold water plunge before I get off home to the Great Ouse?
> >
> >It looks like the river runs adjacent to the grounds of the hotel -
> >anyone know if this is a good swimming spot?
> >
> >Regards all, spring is a coming - sometime soon,
> >Bryn
> The water literally next to the hotel is not the Thames proper, that's a
> few hundred metres east - not sure what exactly you are looking at as I
> haven't been to the 4 pillars to stay. I haven't swam that part (we plan
> to do this stretch sometime this year swimming the Thames between the
> Oxford Ring Road north to south) but have swum extensive north of the city
> so I expect it to be similar, but I expect this will be busy with rowers -
> probably - you can see the boat house on the other side of the river but
> swimming wise, if it is anything like the Thames further up it will be
> fine, the grounds that are either side are owned by the colleges so you
> don't tend to get the detritus you can on more public ground.
> The public foot path is on 'the hotel side' of the river so you can walk
> back all the way, what I am not sure about are access points in and out.
> Hope this helps.
> James
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