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Subject: Saturday morning, Oxford?

>Hi, anyone likely to be in the Thames in Oxford this Saurday morning?  I
>have the  pleasure of an overnight at the Four Pillars Hote,l off
>Abingdon Road  (opposite the Hinkey Pool) Friday and wondered if I could
>gate crash a cold water plunge before I get off home to the Great Ouse?
>It looks like the river runs adjacent to the grounds of the hotel -
>anyone know if this is a good swimming spot?
>Regards all, spring is a coming - sometime soon,

The water literally next to the hotel is not the Thames proper, that's a
few hundred metres east - not sure what exactly you are looking at as I
haven't been to the 4 pillars to stay. I haven't swam that part (we plan
to do this stretch sometime this year swimming the Thames between the
Oxford Ring Road north to south) but have swum extensive north of the city
so I expect it to be similar, but I expect this will be busy with rowers -
probably - you can see the boat house on the other side of the river but
swimming wise, if it is anything like the Thames further up it will be
fine, the grounds that are either side are owned by the colleges so you
don't tend to get the detritus you can on more public ground.

The public foot path is on 'the hotel side' of the river so you can walk
back all the way, what I am not sure about are access points in and out.

Hope this helps.


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