[OSS Oxon] Catch up swim 8 Radcot Lock to Tadpole Bridge

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is anyone writing a book yet?!?


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Report from the merry catch up swimmers today 


17 fishermen, two exceptionally hospitable boats, three very undignified
exits and one rude, hateful landlady.  Four fabulous OSS swimmers in
wetsuits and three supporters.  (Tracy, Chloe, Paul and Pam plus Vicki,
Silas and Bob).  The first acknowledged use of training fins


The dreaded Swan landlady shouted at us across the river as we set off
to the lock that

"You can't swim in the river"

"Why not" (Tracy)

"There's a fishing competition today downstream"

"Does that stop the boats coming through then as well" (Pam) 

"Well in any case there was a sewage leak up at Faringdon yesterday"

Muttered "Nothing's stopping me"  (Pam)

"and you can't leave your cars in my car park"


Naturally we ignored all the above.  However, there were three fishermen
near The Swan but they were from the Radcot angling club and not part of
the competition.  Tracy made it her business to chat up every one of the
14 competing fishermen who were spread out along the riverbank
downstream of the lock and even asked to inspect the organiser's catch
of tiddlers.  They were mostly very chatty and no one accused us of
ruining the river.  


While we were being abused at the Swan we saw a boat with a lady with
very blonde hair.  The boat passed us and, later, was moored with
another boat.   I nearly fell off my perch when Tracy asked the blond
lady to make us a cup of tea.  On went the kettle, out came the mugs and
biscuits on a plate and we spent a happy half hour chatting to them all
about why they were cutting up the river bank with a rusty saw.   Hiding
bodies was my theory.   No, they were trying to dig up worms to fish
with!  Tracy refused to get out of the river and entertained us with a
demo of aquaerobics and how to fall backwards off an underwater ledge
holding a mug of tea without spilling a drop.  Photos will be coming our
way.  She exchanged details with one of the mad sawmen.  Tracy also
uttered the unoriginal line "don't I know you from the telly" to the
blonde lady.


Thus fortified, we were further cheered to find Bob, Vicki and Silas
waiting for us near Rushey lock.  More tea and Mars Bars and choccy
biccies.   Fins put  on by one swimmer (my lips are sealed) and a
pleasant final pootle to Tadpole Bridge where we couldn't find anywhere
to get out.   Eventually, despite intending to make a low key exit, we
were so hysterical that the whole garden at the pub was watching as Paul
helped three ladies heave ourselves seal like on to the jetty.


Lunch at the Rose Revived.


We were anything but fast but we kept together, saw the birds, the
flowers, the cows, the reflection of the sun dappling the willow leaves
and just had a wonderful day.





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