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According to my Thames map, 
'Built in 1898, Shifford Lock is the youngest on the Thames. It is located at the eastern end of a tree-lined artificial cut which by-passes the loop of the river with its many tight meanders, now a peaceful backwater, near Duxford. Part of the back-water remains navigable by small craft to Duxford ford, the only surviving purpose-built ford on the river.'
However, I have walked along it from Duxford ford to the lock, and there are a number of trees fallen into the water, so I concluded swimming it would not be a good idea.
See you next week. I can only do Sunday. At this rate I'm going to have to do a lot of catching up swims, However, I am really enjoying those bits I'm able to do.

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I have been examining the map of the Thames minutely and have realised that, by going left to Shifford Lock at the end of Swim 9 where it usefully signposted Lock, we actually cut off a huge loop of the Thames proper.  Do we really allow little things like avoiding weirs to excuse such morally questionable behaviour?
Pam x
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