[OSS Oxon] April swim reminder and Picnic at South Stoke 6th May

Sefryn Penrose sefryn at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 09:15:42 BST 2011

Dear all,

Just a quick reminder of Sunday's April swim - meet at the Perch in Binsey
at 11am and we'll walk up to Godstow and swim down....

Also - important picnic news from head office (see e- below). Picnicers
needed for Waitrose photo-shoot. Oli needs 3 - 4 swimmers to eat a picnic in
South Stoke to raise the profile of a) the Big Jump, b) outdoor swimming &
picnics c) Waitrose. I think you'll have to be quite flexible at the moment
as he isn't sure of the start time but presumably it needs to be daylight
hours. Drop me a line if you're interested and I'll put you in touch.

Hi there

I am one of the OSS team - and organise events.

I have been asked by Waitrose Magazine to organise a shoot featuring perfect
river bank picnic food.

We are undertaking this shoot on the 6th May Friday at South Stoke and we
would be looking for a
few other swimmers to come along.

This is all around the BIG JUMP and the story will be to motivate folks to
create a picnic
and do the BIG Jump.

So if people are free on 6th May Friday to come to a river bank picnic and
swim it would
be great to get a total of 3/4 swimmers to come along.  We have not had
from the photographer as to start time but if people can spare a few hours
be awesome.

Hope that is an idea that people may enjoy.


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