[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames - Source to Cricklade (Walk) - Fri 22 Apr 2011

Jeremy Wellingham jeremy at wellingham.com
Wed Apr 13 21:33:42 BST 2011

/OSS (Oxon and Reading) Team Thames is beginning the Thames trek on Good
Friday - April 22nd - from the source of the Thames, close to Kemble in
Gloucestershire. The first part of the Thames is not swimmable (although
there may be paddleable parts), so this first stretch is a *walk* of
approximately 12 miles from the source to Cricklade. /
/We will be meeting at 10am at the Town Hall car park in Cricklade
(marked by green arrow)./

/From there we will consolidate cars and shuttle up to the source. //We
will park at the lay-by on the A433 (marked by green arrow), to set off
at 10.30am. /
/If you would like to meet us there. There is a station in Kemble so if
you are coming by train, you can walk from Kemble. /
/12 miles is a good stretch so we will leave a car half way at Ashton
Keynes. If you think in advance that you might only want to do half of
the walk, we can make sure the car shuffling considers this. /
/We will be stopping for a picnic lunch so make sure you bring lunch and
plenty of other fuel to keep you going through the day. Check the
weather reports before the day so you don't bring too much/too little
clothing and of course dig out the sensible shoes. Consider minimum swim
gear in case we find a deep section and fancy a paddle but remember, you
will be carrying it for 12 miles. We'll be using Michael Worthington's
'I Love the Thames' book for the trip, but here are a few websites to
get you in the mood:/
http://thames.me.uk/s02380.htm for some historical and literary background.
http://www.bertuchi.co.uk/Thamespath01.php the walk, more or less as
we'll be doing it, an idea of what to expect.
http://www.thames-path.org.uk/thames_cricklade_source.html the same walk
http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/thamespath/index.asp?PageId=1 the
National Trail official website for the Thames Path.
/The Ordnance Survey map for this stretch is Explorer 169. We will have
a copy or two with us. /
/We should finish around 6pm at Cricklade. /
/Drop us a line if you have any questions, or just to confirm that
you're coming. We look forward to seeing you all there. /
/Jeremy & Sef / 
07989 384456 / 07949 039099
///By attending you confirm that you are a member of the OSS and have
read and accepted the//OSS swim responsibility statement:

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