[OSS Oxon] Evenlode - exploratory swim - Sunday

Laura laus4eva at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 26 15:52:58 BST 2010

Hi All

We are planning an exploratory swim down the Evenlode this coming Sunday (a bit 
like the one that was done on the Thame last month!). 

This will be a mixture of swimming / walking / scrambling / climbing over trees 
- great fun - but definitely not for first timers and less confident people or 
those wanting to just get their head down and swim. Worth having a wetsuit and 
booties (or shoes that you can wear and swim in)

We are planning on meeting in Combe about 11ish Sunday morning and doing a 
stretch about 3km. We have yet to check out entrance and exit points so this 
might change slightly - we are going to check it out Saturday. There will 
probably also be some walking to and from these points 

If you are interested in joining us - please can you mail me your mobile number 
so I can text you final details on Saturday (we are away camping from tomorrow 
night so won't be on email).

Laura (and Mike)

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