[OSS Oxon] This morning's swim at Radcot

Bob Bradley swimmer at hardybee.com
Sat Aug 7 11:40:02 BST 2010

Just a quick note to say the Grafton to Radcot swim Neil arranged this
morning worked out well.

We had a nice peaceful swim in water (and rain) warm enough to manage
without wetsuits, and the start time worked out in that we didn't meet any
boats until just as we were getting out.


By the way for future reference:

It took us about 50 mins of very leisurely swimming.
There is access to the lock at the start but only down a private road so we
walked up to the start, left our tops and shoes hidden on the riverbank and
drove back afterwards to pick them up afterwards rather than leave cars down
the private road.
There are few entry and exit points.  We entered down a ramp 200m east of
the lock.  We exited by a footbridge over a small sidewater on the Norht
bank just West of Radcot bridge.

Hoping to see a few others at the next early (well not really too early -
8am) morning swim!

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