[OSS Oxon] Weekend Early Morning Thames swims - Radcot 7 August

NEIL RICHARDSON neilbkrichardson at btinternet.com
Fri Aug 6 20:42:38 BST 2010

Dear All 
I am still intending an early morning swim in the Thames in the Radcot area on Saturday morning, 7 August.  Meet at Radcot Bridge, in the Swan Hotel's overflow parking area (on the island on the east side of the road) at 08.00hrs. If possible we'll try to get down to Grafton Lock with a car (Environment Agency permitting!) and swim back to Radcot, otherwise we can walk up the Thames Path and swim back (in which case I'll forego the swim myself and carry kit back for others). All welcome. 
Usual caveats apply, you swim on your own responsibility.
Neil Richardson
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