[E3-hacking] Just got an e3 - where do I start

Janusz Krzysztofik jmkrzyszt at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 20:52:46 BST 2012

On Tue, 26 Jun 2012 23:45:19 Edward Robbins wrote:
> Assuming I can pass this hurdle, what is the shape of linux support for
> this now? I see from reading the mailing list that the late 2.6 series
> worked fine... how about 3.x?

This won't help you with your PBL 5.1, but...

I'm still trying to do my best to keep this machine supported by 
subsequent kernel versions, actually running linux-3.4 on mine. Nothing 
new here since a few releases back, except for smartcard pins available 
as GPIO, ready for being driven from userspace over the /sys/ API. 
Perhaps someone ever finds some spare time to write a "driver" for it.

> How about defconfigs with full (or as much as
> possible) hardware support?

The one I posted a few months ago generally still works for me, please 
examine the list archives.

> I am happy cross compiling a kernel... I guess
> I can use any old ARM cross compiler?
> What exactly is the boot process and how does this limit the size of the
> kernel image? There's a way to get uboot on there - how can I do this? Does
> the kernel always need to be sent over serial?

I use the old install tools, ramdisk and procedure published in 2006. 
Works with new kernels built with my defconfig.


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