[E3-hacking] Just got an e3 - where do I start

Edward Robbins edd.robbins at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 26 23:45:19 BST 2012

Hello e3 hackers,

I just received an e3, which to start with I'd just like to get a kernel to
boot on (not quite sure what I'll do with it yet -  but that will come

The guy that gave it to me me said it had been in storage for some time, so
fingers crossed that it has not been updated. I don't know yet because I
haven't got a compatible PSU yet!

If I understand correctly it's the proprietary bootloader on the 128Kb NOR
flash that may have been updated making it difficult to hack? Would it be
possible to get around this by flashing manually (using an AVR or similar?)
If so would anyone be able to supply the correct binary image for the flash?

Assuming I can pass this hurdle, what is the shape of linux support for
this now? I see from reading the mailing list that the late 2.6 series
worked fine... how about 3.x? How about defconfigs with full (or as much as
possible) hardware support? I am happy cross compiling a kernel... I guess
I can use any old ARM cross compiler?

What exactly is the boot process and how does this limit the size of the
kernel image? There's a way to get uboot on there - how can I do this? Does
the kernel always need to be sent over serial?

Sorry for all the questions, but without reading the entire mailing list
there doesn't seem to be an easy way to find answers!

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