[E3-hacking] Support status update

Matt Callow mc-lists at tesco.net
Thu May 20 01:46:46 BST 2010

On 20 May 2010 05:47, David Given <dg at ...> wrote:
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> On 19/05/10 19:53, Janusz Krzysztofik wrote:
> [...]
>> I'm not sure what smart card interface could we use for if ever supported.
>> Removable storage perhaps?
> That's an intriguing idea. ISO7816-3 says:
> http://www.cardwerk.com/smartcards/smartcard_standard_ISO7816-3.aspx
> ...that the clock rate defaults to 9600 b/s. OTOH, depending on how you
> read the excruciating spec, it may be possible to increase it to either
> 54 kb/s or 860 kb/s, which correspond to 5 kB/s and 90 kB/s after
> framing. About twice floppy disk speed...
> Does the E3's smartcard reader support this? Is it flexible enough to
> support any of the weirder smartcard protocols which use the two aux
> pads to turn the whole thing into an MMC or USB device?
I think the E3 card reader is just done in software - bitbang on a
couple of GPIO pins.  So I think it should be possible to use if for
SPI/MMC. I think USB is less likely


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