[E3-hacking] Support status update

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Wed May 19 20:47:14 BST 2010

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On 19/05/10 19:53, Janusz Krzysztofik wrote:
> I'm not sure what smart card interface could we use for if ever supported. 
> Removable storage perhaps?

That's an intriguing idea. ISO7816-3 says:


...that the clock rate defaults to 9600 b/s. OTOH, depending on how you
read the excruciating spec, it may be possible to increase it to either
54 kb/s or 860 kb/s, which correspond to 5 kB/s and 90 kB/s after
framing. About twice floppy disk speed...

Does the E3's smartcard reader support this? Is it flexible enough to
support any of the weirder smartcard protocols which use the two aux
pads to turn the whole thing into an MMC or USB device?

> Getting DSP core supported seems most problematic. There was an effort, 
> code name DSP Gateway, but has been abandoned in favour of a new project, 
> DSP Bridge. Unfortunately, the new code seems lacking OMAP1 support, only 
> OMAP2/3/4's work.

I had a quick look a while back but found that doing anything with OMAP
was hampered by the total absence of free tools. I don't know if that's
still the case.

> Last, the dock-it port. I have no single idea what we could do about it.

I have a Dock-It. It's possibly the most stupid computer I've ever
owned. I suspect the most useful thing to do with the Dock-It port is to
keep pencil and paper in it.

(Is the Dock-It protocol known?)

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