[E3-hacking] pblq 0.3.pre1

Dave Mills dave at webshed.org
Sat Nov 29 15:17:17 GMT 2008

David Given wrote:
> I've uploaded the latest version, kinda, of pblq:
> http://www.cowlark.com/amstrad
> This is a whole lot better than 0.2 and features faster blessing code
> (ripped off from pbltool, ta muchly), better protocol handling, much
> more efficient flash erase, it now defaults to the right baud rates,
> etc, etc.
> This is mostly useful for talking to the E2. It will also talk to the
> E3, but that's much less tested. In particular, the sync protocol on the
> E3 is different from the E2; for some reason the E3 (or, *my* E3)
> doesn't send a handshake byte after you've synced with it, the way the
> E2 does, which makes figuring out when it's ready for packets rather
> messy, which explains why syncing is always a bit unreliable.
> It's a pre1 because my E2 died in the middle of testing. No, I don't
> think pblq killed it.
Hi David,

I've just given this version a try - no joy though. It just sits there
"Waiting for device reset..."

I am trying to talk to a fresh out of the box E2 with a simple zener
diode voltage limiter serial cable.  One thing that might be causing
problems is my USB>RS232 converter - I shall have to find a laptop with
a real serial port to try again.


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