[E3-hacking] pblq 0.3.pre1

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Fri Nov 14 22:33:24 GMT 2008

I've uploaded the latest version, kinda, of pblq:


This is a whole lot better than 0.2 and features faster blessing code
(ripped off from pbltool, ta muchly), better protocol handling, much
more efficient flash erase, it now defaults to the right baud rates,
etc, etc.

This is mostly useful for talking to the E2. It will also talk to the
E3, but that's much less tested. In particular, the sync protocol on the
E3 is different from the E2; for some reason the E3 (or, *my* E3)
doesn't send a handshake byte after you've synced with it, the way the
E2 does, which makes figuring out when it's ready for packets rather
messy, which explains why syncing is always a bit unreliable.

It's a pre1 because my E2 died in the middle of testing. No, I don't
think pblq killed it.

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