[E3-hacking] E2 hackery & coding

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Wed Nov 12 20:26:25 GMT 2008

Matt Evans wrote:
> Never did get round to finishing the OS, or the uclinux port... (It's  
> too painful to keep downloading dev kernels at 11k/s, I embarked on  
> getting the e2-monitor to boot from MMC but that too got  
> sidetracked... :D )

Before my e2 esploded I got the Prex boot loader up and running --- it
would pull an ar file full of ELF files out of flash (using the PBL
entry points, so it was compatible with PBL's NFTL system and you could
upload files with pblq), and link and relocate them into RAM. Of course,
since I never got as far as trying to run the kernel I don't know if
it's doing it *right*, but the code might be useful to someone.

BTW, if by MMC you mean SMC, then you should be aware that at least some
E2s (such as mine) don't have the card reader. There's a slot in the
case and an unpopulated set of pads on the motherboard, but no socket.

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