[E3-hacking] Running an IRC bot on the E3 ~ OT

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Sat Aug 9 14:05:16 BST 2008


Don Alexander wrote:
> Jasmine Strong wrote:
> > Sadly the E3's a bit underpowered for that kind of thing.  You could  
> > try Ekiga but it'll be really slow.
> Does make one wonder the original purpose of selling the E3 as a video
> phone. Surely if it was good enough to send video over phone lines it
> must have enough juice to do (albeit slow) video over internet? Would
> be interesting to see what could be achieved.

Perhaps the former was possible with hardware assistance by one of the
ICs that's not used under Linux?  I've a hazy memory of what the E3 has.

> Speaking of getting sidetracked, has anyone thought of porting any of
> the Open Embedded stuff over to the E3. Could spur on some much needed
> development in this area methinks.

Or perhaps http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/ instead of OE.  BTW,
does anyone have an opinion on the TI OMAP-based BeagleBoard for USD149?


You get just the board at that price, but it still looks quite neat.



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