[E3-hacking] Running an IRC bot on the E3 ~ OT

Don Alexander e3-dev at roosoft.ltd.uk
Sat Aug 9 11:09:34 BST 2008

Jasmine Strong wrote:
> Sadly the E3's a bit underpowered for that kind of thing.  You could  
> try Ekiga but it'll be really slow.
> -J.
> On 7 Aug 2008, at 00:00, Deli Geng (David) wrote:
>> Sorry for hijacking this thread. I just wonder if there is any  
>> chance to
>> convert the E3 into a video conference station? If so, what software  
>> do I
>> need to install on E3? Many thanks, David

Does make one wonder the original purpose of selling the E3 as a video
phone. Surely if it was good enough to send video over phone lines it
must have enough juice to do (albeit slow) video over internet? Would be
interesting to see what could be achieved.

Speaking of getting sidetracked, has anyone thought of porting any of
the Open Embedded stuff over to the E3. Could spur on some much needed
development in this area methinks.

Just a thought....


Don Alexander

E3 Development & tweaking ;)

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