[E3-hacking] E3 for sale

George Hau george.hau at durham.ac.uk
Mon Oct 15 00:10:45 BST 2007


Apologies for abusing this email last. I have an Amstrad E3 for sale.  
It is in immaculate condition and almost indistinguishable from new.  
It was bought last year and has PBL V4.9. I bought it thinking that I  
would set it up as a cheap ssh terminal, but didn't find the time for  
the project and it basically has been sitting in the box for most of  
its life. I did try to load Linux directly using a serial cable and  
showed that it boots ok, but after that I spent no more time on it.  
The internal flash memory is still in factory condition. The gamepad  
is still in its packaging. All the accessories and the instruction  
manual are there, so is the box. It has never been plugged to the  
telephone socket.

I'll throw in a serial cable (a simple one not a level shifter) which  
connects the E3 to the serial port of a PC. It was made  
professionally by an electronics technician. It works fine with the E3.

I am selling it because I'm moving to Australia and don't want the  
hassle of taking it with me. I am not sure how much I can get for  
this, but I will accept 12 pounds or the highest offer. Postage will  
be an extra 8.70 pounds by First Class recorded. Best is to pay by  
paypal but I also accept bank transfers or cheque. You are welcome to  
pick it up in person -- I live in Durham.

Thanks for your attention.



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