[E3-hacking] PBL V5.1

Alexander hri-news at yandex.ru
Thu Oct 11 07:29:15 BST 2007

10 октября 2007 г. Ralph Corderoy написал:
> To summarise the concern expressed privately to me: it's that 1,000
> units can be picked up by some commercial outfit, e.g. from Russia,
> taken back there, and used to some completely end that earns Amstrad no
> revenue.

I live in Russia, and I know that the number of tons of devices is maintained 
very low - I found no mention of the Russians at their sites and forums.

However, I bought the device, which has already been used, indicating that 
Amstrad has already received its anticipated income. A new device, as I 
understand it, and so contain PBL v 4.9. Further, as rightly observed, the 
number intuziastov able to make a change in the device is very low-well 
illustrated on the proposals at E3 on eBay. And, of course, nothing can 
justify the violation of the license is the huge number of people invested 
their work in the original products. Moreover, the opening of source and 
loader may lead to facilitate the development of new versions of the programs 
It comes, in particular, Asus, Britain, Rapsody, and others.

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