[E3-hacking] Building MPlayer

Mark Underwood basicmark at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 4 19:50:02 GMT 2007

I've managed to build a very cut down MPlayer for the E3 which now allows my to listen to internet
radio stations (only mp3 ones at the moment as that was all I wanted to start with).

I downloaded the latest version of MPlayer untared it and run the following configure line.

./configure --target=arm-linux --cc=arm-linux-gcc --as=arm-linux-as --host-cc=gcc --prefix=$ROOTFS
 --disable-mencoder  --disable-langinfo  --disable-lirc  --disable-lircc --disable-vm
--disable-xf86keysym --disable-radio-v4l2 --disable-tv --disable-tv-v4l1 --disable-tv-v4l2
--disable-tv-bsdbt848 --disable-pvr --disable-rtc --disable-winsock2 --disable-dvdnav
--disable-dvdread --disable-mpdvdkit  --disable-cdparanoia --disable-bitmap-font 
--disable-freetype --disable-fontconfig  --disable-unrarlib --disable-sortsub --disable-fribidi
--disable-enca  --disable-macosx --disable-maemo --disable-vstream --disable-gif --disable-png
--disable-jpeg --disable-libcdio --disable-liblzo --disable-win32 --disable-qtx --disable-xanim
--disable-real --disable-xvid --disable-x264 --disable-nut  --disable-libavcodec
--disable-libavformat --disable-libpostproc --disable-libavutil_so --disable-libavcodec_so 
--disable-libavformat_so --disable-libpostproc_so --disable-libavcodec_mpegaudio_hp
--disable-libfame --disable-tremor-internal --disable-tremor-low --disable-tremor-external
--disable-speex --disable-theora --disable-faad-external --disable-faad-internal
--disable-faad-fixed --disable-ladspa --disable-libdv --disable-toolame --disable-twolame
--disable-mp3lib --disable-liba52 --disable-libdts --disable-musepack --disable-amr_nb
--disable-amr_nb-fixed --disable-amr_wb --disable-vidix-internal --disable-vidix-external
--enable-armv5te --enable-mad --with-extraincdir=$ROOTFS/includ --with-extralibdir=$ROOTFS/lib

(you will need to set ROOTFS to point to where your rootfs is)

When I tried to build MPlayer I found that for some reason it didn't bother to build and link in
libavutil which it needs so I added the following lines to the Make file around line 269 (just
after the ifeq ($(GUI),yes) bit)

#MU hack, link libavutil
COMMON_DEPS += libavutil/libavutil.a
COMMON_LIBS += libavutil/libavutil.a

Once you've done that just do make and make install.

My plan is to intergate a internet radio program with Martin's phone dialer stuff so you can use
your E3 to listen to internet radio (and yes it does work real time! I've tested it with a USB
sound card).



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