[E3-hacking] Windows version of pbltool

Martin Whitaker e3hacking at whitakernet.com
Sat Mar 3 22:01:40 GMT 2007

While I was creating a setup to allow people who only has access to a
Windows machine to work with the E3 I compiled a Windows version of pbltool.

It's based around the pbltool-0.2 source from http://the.earth.li/pub/e3/,
but has an extra command 'send' which allows the u-boot commands such as
'setenv' and 'bootm' to be sent from the startup script without the need to
launch hyperterminal.

A binary version of pbltool for windows can be found at:


and the source (including Visual Studio project file) can be found at:


Noodles: Feel free put a copy on your website if you feel it's appropriate.

If you find any bugs let me know (after you've fixed them, of course). There
probably is because I can't say I've tested it a right lot - as soon as it
worked I moved on </slap on wrist>

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