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Mark Underwood basicmark at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 15 15:24:20 BST 2007


Over the last few months I've been hacking away on my E3 and trying to create a simple development

I have created a simple build system which I call kiss-ipkg. It allows you to easily add new
packages and creates ipkg's which can then be installed (and uninstalled) on the E3 either from a
website or locally from a USB key.

On the software front I have got minigui (www.minigui.org) running on the E3 and using libmsn I
have an IM app running, I still have some bugs to fix but I'm really happy with the results so
far. The next app I want to work on is an internet radio PVR app so I'll never miss "Sorry I
haven't a clue" again :D.

I'm busy over the next few weeks but I really want to release what I have done, so I'll try to get
that done when I'm able and hopefully get something out beginning of next month. My plan is
deliver a tarball of the compiler plus any other host tools (to save people the pain of building
them) and a tarball of the kiss-ipkg system.

I couldn't find any nice IDE for minigui that I could use to layout the widgets for my app so I
created a .ui to minigui compiler that takes a .ui file (created using QT designer) and creates a
header-file that you include from your program. All your program needs to do is supply a couple of
functions which then handles the events the user creates by pressing on buttons, etc.

I'm sorry for my long silence but I wanted to get this stuff into a reasonable state before
releasing any of it.

My idea is to use minigui as the framework for creating a number of apps which get launched with
the appropriate hotkey (much like the original software). Any more ideas of what other apps we
should develop for the E3 are very welcome.

Until next time, enjoy hacking your E3!


--- Nathan Friend <nathan.friend at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I've been watching the list with interest for the last year or so.  I have
> three e3's and two e2's.  I have some Linux and electronics experience, any
> suggestions on what I could do with them.  They contain too much fun
> hardware to just put on eBay...
> One of my plans was to make a website with howto guides etc, including
> photos of projects.
> Great to see so much activity in this community.
> Nathan.
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