[E3-hacking] Native build environment

David Reynolds david at reynoldsfamily.org.uk
Sat Jul 14 18:26:03 BST 2007


Martin Whitaker wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> In response to the people asking how I built libspectrum / fuse, and in
> response to a few people who've asked me (outside of this mailing list) how
> to get started building applications for the E3 I've put together a
> 'how-to'.
> This 'how-to' caters for both Windows-only and Linux users and is aimed at
> people without a huge amount of Linux experience who don't want to deal with
> the hassle of cross compiling. I'm not saying cross compiling isn't the best
> way of doing it, I'm just giving an alternative.
> The location of the guide is: http://www.whitakernet.com/e3/
> There is also a link to a quick 'how-to' specific to building libspectrum
> and  Fuse, which includes the nasty hacks I did to it to get it running on
> the E3 (sorry Phil - I never did get chance to tidy it up!).
> I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who uses this system, there are almost
> certainly still problems with it so do let me know when things either do or
> don't work.

I know this is months after you posted this, but I've just gotten around 
to giving it a try and come to a problem when running the command:

	pbltool nfs.pbl

It seems to copy the first file across ok, but then somewhere later on 
it segfaults. I have a trace [0] of the segfault if that's any help.

I don't suppose you or anyone else has come across this and could shed 
some light as to what I'm doing wrong?

I should perhaps say that I already have the OE version [1] running on 
my E3 - would that make a difference?

Any help or pointers greatly appreciated.



0 - http://david.reynoldsfamily.org.uk/e3/trace.out (1.7M file)
1 - http://the.earth.li/pub/e3/E3_release_v2.tar.gz

David Reynolds
david at reynoldsfamily.org.uk

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