[E3-hacking] An E3 which thinks it's a Spectrum!

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Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 22:16:53 -0000
From: "Martin Whitaker" <e3hacking at whitakernet.com>
Subject: [E3-hacking] An E3 which thinks it's a Spectrum!
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> I've been playing with the E3 some more and couldn't resist compiling
> libspectrum and Fuse for it (from
> http://fuse-emulator.sourceforge.net/fuse.php).
> It runs it at about original speed, however it's going flat-out doing that
> and increasing the emulation speed above 100% seems to make little
> difference.
> A couple of screen-shots are at:
> http://www.whitakernet.com/e3/spectrum_on_e3_1.jpg
> http://www.whitakernet.com/e3/spectrum_on_e3_2.jpg
> I had to make a few simple changes to Fuse to get it to work with the
> strange resolution framebuffer of the e3. If anyone wants to build Fuse
> themselves let me know and I'll post the patches here.
> All of this is totally pointless, of course, but it bought back memories
> typing single-keystroke commands using a rubber keyboard!!!

Could I have  the patches you applied for this,  I would like to try it out.

Also,  how did you compile it, i can't find a cross-compiler for ARM9 that
actually compiles ?

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