[E3-hacking] An E3 which thinks it's a Spectrum!

Martin Whitaker e3hacking at whitakernet.com
Wed Feb 14 18:15:16 GMT 2007

> > I had to make a few simple changes to Fuse to get it to work with the
> > strange resolution framebuffer of the e3. If anyone wants to build Fuse
> > themselves let me know and I'll post the patches here.

> I'd certainly be interested :-)
> ...
> Cheers,
> Phil (Fuse author...)

Argh!! It's a small world! I better tidy up my dirty hacks before any
posting takes
place now....

Seriously though... nice work on libspectrum & fuse. Your code must be
efficient for it to be able to run on the E3 at anywhere near the original

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