[E3-hacking] v2 release

Jonathan McDowell noodles at earth.li
Fri Sep 29 09:10:55 BST 2006

On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 06:13:54PM +0100, Alex Goodyear wrote:
> I've also got the V2 release working without any major problems (a
> fantastic achievement, thanks Jonathan et al). I have a few
> observations and questions that may help others.
> I did stop the NAND backup process because it was incredibly slow.
> "top" showed that the system wasn't using much CPU but the load was
> over 2.0 Using "df" also revealed that the USB stick was only having
> 16 bytes written to it every second or so.
> The E3 keyboard is mapped as a standard desktop keyboard so most
> shifted characters are wrong and symbol-shift characters are ignored.

There was a new keymap posted to the list by David Given a while back,
though I had meant to update the one in the driver itself.
> I replaced the supplied 2.6.16 uImage with the one from the 2.6.17
> directory in the hope that the keyboard mappings would be fixed. It
> worked but it only provided a shell login for the serial connection
> unlike the 2.6.16 image which provides both a serial and an onboard E3
> login.

2.6.16 is the one that supports most things; later kernels gradually get
more of the devices supported by mainline linux-omap rather than having
to be patched, but both the keyboard and sound drivers weren't written
by me so they tend to end up last on my list of things to forward port.
I'm hoping to find some time to get a 2.6.18 kernel up and running in
the next week or two, along with the diminishing patch set.
> The copying of the Linux image from NAND seems slow, I recall some
> discussion about this being fixed within u-boot. Does the copy of
> u-boot in the V2 release contain this fix?

No, the version in V2 is 1.4, but there's a patch against uboot git that
adds support but also speeds up the Linux image loading.

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