[E3-hacking] OpenEmbedded woes

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Sun Sep 24 18:14:30 BST 2006

Well, I finally managed to persuade Monotone to behave --- rebuilding the
database only took about six hours... however, I'm now finding some odd
problems that lead me to suspect that the v2 release wasn't built with the
same version of OpenEmbedded that I've got.

Firstly, oe-amsdelta.diff doesn't apply, mostly because my version is
referring to 'include' instead of 'require'. If I patch in the changes
manually (changing to 'require'), the when I try to build bootstrap-image, I get:

| ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for \

...and a long list of package names. Each package will build manually, but
shouldn't this happen automatically? Plus, some of the packages referred to
are missing, such as amsdelta-installer and sysvinit-pidof (there are no
bitbake files for them in the repository that I can find).

What am I missing?

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