[E3-hacking] v2 release

Don Alexander e3-dev at roosoft.ltd.uk
Wed Sep 20 18:18:30 BST 2006

David Given wrote:
> I don't know crosstool, but Debian has a semi-automated mechanism for
> building toolchains for custom architectures --- and for some reason
> I've never been able to make it work reliably. It always seems to get
> half-way through building gcc before falling over with an obscure error
> message, and gcc's error messages can be *really* secure.

I think you mean obscure and yeah you have to read native compiler geek
to make sense of them ;)

I followed this when I first built a toolchain for an Ipaq I needed to
complile stuff onto. Worked for me but was a while back.. maybe things
have changed?



Don Alexander

E3 Development & tweaking ;)

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