[E3-hacking] v2 release

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Wed Sep 20 10:40:00 BST 2006

Don Alexander wrote:
> Jasmine Strong wrote:
>> Can't you just use crosstool?
> Or there is of course the dpkg-cross scripts. I am right in thinking
> that Debian still supports the largest number of architectures in any
> distro no?

I don't know crosstool, but Debian has a semi-automated mechanism for
building toolchains for custom architectures --- and for some reason
I've never been able to make it work reliably. It always seems to get
half-way through building gcc before falling over with an obscure error
message, and gcc's error messages can be *really* secure.

I have managed to find a suitable set of packages, but they aren't from
anywhere official; just some guy with a private repository. There's got
to be a better way of doing it than that.

Incidentally, I have since discovered that the kernel that comes with
the v2 release doesn't have wireless switched on, so I'm going to have
to recompile it. It looks as if the ams_delta_defconfig setup is *not*
the one used by default --- does anyone know where I can get a suitable
kernel.conf? Are there any easy-to-use recipes for using uboot to
replace the kernel in flash, for when I inevitably screw things up?

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