[E3-Hacking] V2 release - Handling bad NAND blocks

Matt Callow mattcallow at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 2 20:46:15 BST 2006

Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> Moving !LDR should work fine, but if you're getting an error about
> missing params then you still haven't wiped the old Amstrad LDR. ISTR
> that PBL will do remapping in the NAND using the area that ends up as
> mtd5 (last 192k of NAND), so it might be worth trying to erase that area
> of NAND and see if that causes your !LDR image to be seen instead? 
> J.

I think the write to mtdblock3 didn't work. Although it didn't report an
error when I added the seek=3, it still read back the old data. So
you're right, I hadn't removed the amstrad LDR.
In the end, I re-arranged the mtd partition table and moved mtd3 down by
1M and built a new kernel. That fixed the problem (once I found the post

So now I've got my E3 booting of the nand :-)


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