[E3-hacking] Networking

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Wed May 24 00:35:08 BST 2006

David J. Singer wrote:
> I've just been playing with a "Pegasus II" type USB -> ethernet dongle on the 
> E3.   It's quite neat having an internet connection on it!  I've been 
> browsing the web using the "links" browser :)

Yeah, I had w3m going under Debian with an RTL8150-based ethernet widget. It
worked surprisingly well. I also have a couple of wireless ethernet widgets,
but they require fiddly firmware to make work and I haven't tried.

...I'm actually thinking that one of the best uses for my E3 is as a terminal
for my house server, which is an ARM-based NSLU2 running Debian. Both devices
have non-level-shifted serial ports, although I might need an inverter. Given
that I have two low-end ARM devices, I'm also wondering whether networking
them together with OpenMosix might actually achieve anything, other than hack

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