[E3-hacking] Networking

Piotr Michniewski pmichniewski at gmail.com
Wed May 24 00:07:17 BST 2006

Well, I'm using a USB Bluetooth dongle and it works quite nice...

2006/5/24, David J. Singer <doc at deadvirgins.org.uk>:
> I've just been playing with a "Pegasus II" type USB -> ethernet dongle on the
> E3.   It's quite neat having an internet connection on it!  I've been
> browsing the web using the "links" browser :)
> Is this the way others are networking their E3s?  Or are people just accessing
> them via the serial line.   It's would certainly be handy to NFS mount the
> root directory...!
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Piotr Michniewski

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