[E3-hacking] E3 Memory Map?

Cliff Lawson clawson at amstrad.com
Tue May 16 11:12:41 BST 2006

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> From: Jasmine Strong [mailto:jasmine at electronpusher.org]
> Because 2.4 is obsolete and basing new projects on it is a very bad  
> idea.

Methinks you missed the point. What I'm saying is PBL is happy to load a
block of NAND out to a place in SDRAM at a location specified in that images
module header and then jump to it's entry point if it happens to have the
name "LINUX" in the module header.

I've actually written completely standalone LCD demo programs using this
technique and called them "LINUX" and then the PBL has loaded/executed them.

That image could be a self extracting 2.4 or 2.6 or, when available 2.8
Linux or perhaps even uBoot or anything your heart desires.

You also have the added advantage that it passes the text found within a
module called PARMS as command line parameters to the thing it is executing.
If it's a self extracting Linux image this may be useful, if it's uBoot or
an LCD demo program this may well still occur but the chances are PARMS text
will be ignored.

So the point was simply that the emailer has a perfectly good "load and go"
system so why bother to reinvent the wheel.

The fact we use it to load and go with 2.4.18 simply shows that it works!


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